‘Archives of Feeling’: Matt Cook on the AIDS crisis in Britain, c.1987

In “Archives of Feeling”: AIDS in the UK c.1987’ I trace the emotional landscape of Britain at a key turning point in the history of AIDS. Drawing chiefly on the astonishing testimonies of around 600 largely straight men and women, I explore  the  feelings at stake in the epidemic, how they related to press and politics, how they shaped everyday lives, and how they played out for those dealing most directly with the escalating crisis. I  argue that such ‘archives of feeling’ are fundamental to our understanding of intersecting social and intimate lives – past and present.

Professor Matt Cook’s Inaugural Lecture took place at Birkbeck, University of London on 1 December 2016, World Aids Day.

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  1. I stumbled on Matt’s lecture quite by chance and have just listened to it from start to finish. I was hooked as soon as he mentioned the film ‘Pride’ so approvingly. It’s one that I must have watched almost 100 times, and always “bawled my eyes out.” What an incredible natrative arc he describes and what trusty and understanding and empathy he reveals. Thank you. I’ve just ordered some stuff to read.

    Michael (husband, father, grandfather, judge, sometime gay activist and miner’s son)

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