Asbestos, Killer Dust

Asbestos can still be found in tens of thousands of public buildings, including housing, schools and hospitals, across the UK. Tom White explores the nationwide call to 'raise the dust' in the anti-asbestos movement.

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Abortion Before Roe

How did US women have abortions when it was illegal? Rosa Campbell explores an archive of US women's testimonies of abortions across borders, in Japan, Puerto Rico and Mexico, with resonances for today.

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Losing Minds

To what extent can today's diagnoses of postpartum psychosis illuminate past women's experiences of childbirth and "madness"? Philippa Carter explores that question in this companion piece to her article in History Workshop Journal 91.

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Whose Streets?

This opening article in the 'Whose Streets?' feature considers what it means to live through the jarring collapse of public life in the midst of a pandemic and how this moment might stimulate new radical histories of the urban commons.

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