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Raphael Samuel’s Writings for HWJ: A Bibliography

On 3 May 2016, History Workshop released a Virtual Special Issue of Raphael Samuel’s major contributions to History Workshop Journal. This page contains a complete bibliography of Raph Samuel’s work published in HWJ.

Raphael Samuel © Lucinda Douglas-Menzies

Raphael Samuel Bibliography

Volume 1:Sociology and history (with Gareth Stedman-Jones)
Volume 6:Art, Politics and Ideology
Volume 12:History and television (with Susan Barrowclough)
Volume 20:Ten Years After (with Gareth Stedman Jones)
Volume 39:Rethinking the idea of place (with Felix Driver)
Volume 40: British Dimensions: four nations history
Volume 40: Introduction to Scottish dimensions: history, literature, politics

Volume 3: The Workshop of the World: steam power and hand technology in mid-Victorian Britain
Volume 27:‘Philosophy teaching by example’: past and present in Raymond Williams
Volume 29:Grand narratives (part of a feature on history, the nation and the schools)
Volume 30:History, the nation and the schools: an introduction
Volume 32:Reading the signs
Volume 33:Reading the signs, part 2: fact-grubbers and mind-readers

Volume 9:On the methods of History Workshop: a reply (to David Selbourne)

Archives and Sources
Volume 1:Local History and Oral History
Volume 5:The Bishopsgate Institute

History at Large
Volume 41:Art and Power (with Alison Light)

Letters etc.
Volume 17:PeterSedgwick papers (with Tariq Ali and others)
Volume 28:Stephen Yeo - or the Ruskin election
Volume 35:Response to E.P. Thompson

Volume 2:Eva Reckitt
Volume 27:Jim Dyos (with Gareth Stedman Jones)
Volume 29:Ewan MacColl
Volume 30:Tim Mason (contribution to memorial feature)
Volume 35:David Widgery
Volume 38:Ralph Miliband
Volume 39:Hannah Mitchell (with Alex Potts)

Report Back
Volume 1:Forum histoire, Paris (with Anne Summers & Anna Davin)
Volume 6:Dublin History Workshop
Volume 15:History Workshop
Volume 15:Television History Workshop

Articles about Raphael Samuel
Volume 43:Raphael Samuel 1934-1996 (Editorial by Stuart Hall, Alun Howkins, Sally Alexander & John Walsh)
Volume 44:Working with Raphael (J Cameron, from the Ruskin College commemoration of Raphael Samuel, 5 July 1997)
Volume 52:Rummaging through Raphael’s bag (Peter Claus)
Volume 64:The Genesis of East End Underworld: Chapters in the Life of Arthur Harding by Raphael Samuel (Stan Newens)
Volume 76:Ruskin, Radicalism and Raphael Samuel: Politics, Pedagogy and the Origins of the History Workshop (Kynan Gentry)



  1. Please can someone help me? Did Raphael Samuel write an article or a book with this phrase in the title: ‘Empires of the Mind’?
    I know that Robert Gildea has recently published a book with that title.

  2. Please can someone help me? Did Raphael Samuel write an article or a book with this phrase in the title: ‘Empires of the Mind’?

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