This Virtual Special Issue curates History Workshop’s contribution to refugee studies - with a new introduction and 20 articles, free access for six months.

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A Small Place

Joe Moran reflects on his trip to scatter his father's ashes on Scattery, a tiny island off west Clare, Ireland, and in the process explores its resonances for histories of family, migration, and the power of small places.

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A Regime of Immobility

Can refugee assistance become a way to contain? In the second piece for Moving People, Doina Anca Cretu explores how those fleeing Austria-Hungary's peripheries in the First World War could also be immobilised as they were subject to…

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Moving People

This is the first piece in a series titled Moving People. In exploring how people on the move are labelled, remembered, and constrained, it offers new understandings of the experiences (and inconsistencies) underpinning issues of…

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