What do you do if you’re a migrant who’s come to Britain eager to find a job but needing childcare in order to take one? For too many, the options are severely limited by their immigration status, which places them in the category of NRPF: No Recourse to Public Funds.

That is the title of this episode. It is a cross-post with a new podcast called Childcare Voices, produced and presented by people on the frontline of the childcare crisis, who share their stories and investigate the historical roots of the problems they face. Childcare Voices is one of many projects being spawned by the Grow Your Own oral history project, which documents past experiences of childcare activism in order to share them with people advocating for transformation and justice today. 

To introduce the episode, we hear from three people who played pivotal roles in its creation: Rosa Schling, a London-based oral historian and one of the founders of On the Record, a not-for-profit community history organisation that launched the Grow Your Own project; Hannah Kemp-Welch, a sound artist with a social practice, who devised the podcast production training course that helped to generate Childcare Voices and who provided sound design for each of the episodes; and Imran Bukenya, a parent, campaigner, and advocate for migrants with No Recourse to Public Funds, who produced and presented today’s episode.

This episode contains:

* Interview with Shirley Peters, recorded by Rosa Schling for Holding the Baby, an On the Record project 

* Interview with Jenny Williams, recorded by Rosa Schling for Grow Your Own, an On the Record project 


Episode produced by Imran Bukenya 

Series artwork by Eva Freeman 

Sound design by Hannah Kemp Welch 

This podcast is part of the Grow Your Own oral history project, run by On the Record and funded by Trust for London. Grow Your Own is sharing past experiences of organising for better childcare with people working to improve the situation we face today. They are working with past and present childcare campaigners from across London to co-produce a set of resources including a podcast series, campaigners’ toolkit, a ‘stay and play’ resource and a digital map of childcare campaigns and projects.

Grow Your Own are looking for volunteers to help them map childcare history – find out more here. You can join their mailing list here.

Find out more at https://on-the-record.org.uk/projects/grow-your-own/ or follow them on twitter @growyourown_ohp and instagram @on_the_record_stories

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