Intimacy and Economic Life

What does it mean to write "intimate histories" of economic life? How might a focus on "the intimate" transform the way historians perceive and describe the economic past?

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‘Very few actual children’: Defining Childhood and Assessing Age in the Aftermath of the Second World War

How does age shape the experience of refugeedom and migration? How have power structures used age, a supposedly objective measurement of worthiness and vulnerability, to grant some lives more legitimacy than others? Antoine Burgard…

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A Small Place

Joe Moran reflects on his trip to scatter his father's ashes on Scattery, a tiny island off west Clare, Ireland, and in the process explores its resonances for histories of family, migration, and the power of small places.

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Losing Minds

To what extent can today's diagnoses of postpartum psychosis illuminate past women's experiences of childbirth and "madness"? Philippa Carter explores that question in this companion piece to her article in History Workshop Journal 91.

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Children on Strike

What part do children occupy in protest movements? Alice Haworth-Booth locates the story of school strikes and children’s activism within a broader history of political change.

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Census Lessons

To mark Census Day 2021, Helen Sunderland looks back to 1911 when the state mobilised schoolchildren to help number the nation, tracing a history of contradictory attitudes to children’s citizenship that persist today.

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A Happy Ending?

In commissioning this feature, editorial fellow Rachel Moss asked contributors: how can we radically re-imagine the writing of history? Over […]

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Radical Uncertainty

The gatekeepers of history have tended to take few risks. Julia Laite argues for a less certain, more quantum kind of history in the latest in our #WritingRadically series.

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