An Empire of Readers

How was the eighteenth-century pursuit of knowledge intertwined with enslavement and empire? Lucy Moynihan on the history of literary institutions in the British colonial world.

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Picket Line Perspectives

Universities across the UK are taking part in the current UCU strike action over pay, pensions, and poor working conditions. On day 8 of the 10-day strike, three striking historians give us the view from picket lines across the country.

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Useful Knowledge

How has the concept of "useful knowledge" shaped the 200-year history of Birkbeck College London - and of adult education more generally?

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Black British Histories

How has the writing of Black British histories functioned as both a form of historical analysis and a voice of radical oppositional politics? 

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Against Monolingualism

In the first of a series on 'Radical History after Brexit', John Gallagher highlights how monolingualism is historically strange, and calls for a greater focus on multilingualism and language learning.

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Strike Syllabus

History Workshop's crowd-sourced Strike Syllabus offers texts to inspire and galvanise, to stir righteous anger or provide necessary solace.

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Imperial History Now

Radhika Natarajan argues that the work of decolonisation is to 'address the relationship between the forms of knowledge we value in the classroom and the inequities and violence that exist on our campuses and in the world.'

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