How do we investigate disability history and heritage? What changes and challenges have there been within this landscape over the past few years?

In this episode Beckie Rutherford speaks to Alexandra F. Morris, Louise Bell and Samuel Brady, three of the co-founders of the UK Disability History and Heritage Hub. Established in 2022, the Hub is a collaborative space for anyone interested in Disabled, Neurodiverse, and D/deaf histories, from the ancient world to the modern era.

This roundtable discussion reflects on issues of tokenism and access barriers within academia and the heritage sector, as well as the processes of researching, teaching and communicating disability history.

A group photo of the five co-founders of the UK Disability History and Heritage Hub. Four white women wearing bright floral clothes are stood together and smiling at the camera. One white man is stood closely behind them and is also smiling at the camera. Next to the group is a poster for an exhibition called “Nothing About Us Without Us”.
UK Disability History and Heritage Hub co-founders visiting the ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ exhibition at the People’s History Museum (L-R: Kirstie Stage, Alexandra F. Morris, Samuel Brady, Louise Bell and Alice Conibere)
A logo which has a connecting red text bubble, blue speech bubble, and yellow thought bubble. In the centre there is black text that reads “UK Disability History and Heritage Hub”.
UK Disability History and Heritage Hub logo

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