This episode of the History Workshop Podcast, originally published in May 2019, accompanies a debate on military history in the new issue of History Workshop Journal. Comprised of two pieces – Huw Bennett, Michael Finch, Andrei Mamolea, and David Morgan-Owen, “Studying Mars and Clio: Or How Not to Write about the Ethics of Military Conduct and Military History”; and Kim Wagner, “Expanding Bullets and Savage Warfare” – the debate is available on free access until 30 March 2020.

How was violence essential to sustaining the British Empire, and why is teaching this imperative in today’s world? Historian Kim Wagner – author of Amritsar 1919: An Empire of Fear and the Making of a Massacre – discusses this question in conversation with Aditya Ramesh in this episode History Workshop Podcast.

The Jallianwallah Bagh in 1919, a few months after the Amritsar Massacre: Wikimedia Commons.


This podcast was edited by Marybeth Hamilton.

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