What can Radical Historians Offer to a World Threatened by Climate Change?

6.30 pm, Wednesday 28 May 2014
Room 251, Birkbeck College main building, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX.

All welcome, no need to book.

Post-humanism? Popular activism? Luddism!? Marxist naturalism? A discussion about the place of environment in history.


Dr Carrie Hamilton (Roehampton) on “Activist Histories and the Challenge of Non-Anthropocentric History Writing.”

Dr Geoffrey Mead (Sussex) on “Shacks and tracks, shanties and plot-lands: an informal response to the UK interwar housing shortage.”

Dr Mark Levene (Southampton) on “Imagining an alternative path of history: E. P. Thompson, the Industrial Revolution, and the coming of the Anthropocene.”

Martin Empson (Trade Unions Against Climate Change) on “Marx’s ecology: understanding our changing relationship with nature.” (Martin is author of “Land and Labour: Marxism, ecology and human history.” Bookmarks 2013)

Chair: Professor Paul Dukes (Aberdeen).

For information contact George Yerby

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