Tony Benn: Assessing his Legacy for the Left

cranebgThe Socialist History Society is hosting this seminar to assess Tony Benn’s contribution to British politics; speakers will look at the historical roots of his commitment to socialism; his record in and out of office; some of the key causes he championed; and his role as a populariser of history.

The event will take place on Saturday 26th April between 2pm and 4.30pm at Conway Hall, in London.

The SHS AGM will take place at 1pm.

Speakers confirmed:

Keith Flett (London Socialist Historians Group) – ‘growing more radical as he grew older’

Dr Duncan Bowie (University of Westminster/reviews editor, Chartist magazine) –‘the roots of Tony Benn’s socialist commitment’

Prof Willie Thompson (Historian, former editor Socialist History) – Why regrettably the Benn project did not succeed

Stefan Dickers (Library and Archives Manager, Bishopsgate) – Benn as archivist

Jon Lansman (editor Left Futures/CLPD) – Setting the Standard – What the Left should look for in a Leader

Stan Newens (ex-MP, ex-MEP; President SHS) – Benn as a Parliamentarian

Kate Hudson (CND general secretary/historian) – Benn the peace and anti-nuclear activist

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