Red Flag Walks for July

red flag logoThis month marks the centenary of the Women’s Pilgrimage in July 1913, organised by the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, whose President was Mrs Fawcett. It began in Carlisle and went south towards London with feeder marches from other parts of the country joining in. The Manchester contingent set out from Albert Square on 5 July. On 26 July, at the end of the pilgrimage, a mass meeting was held in Hyde Park, attended by many thousands. There are two walks on women’s history this month. Places can be reserved in advance by emailing:

Saturday 13 July 1.45 pm

“Manchester First in the Fight”: Votes for Women, 1866 – 1928

Meeting point: Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester

This walk will tell the story of the campaign for “Votes for Women” in which Manchester played a major role. We will encounter a number of the leading figures of the suffragist and suffragette movement including Lydia Becker, Esther Roper, Teresa Billington, Eva Gore-Booth, Nellie Keenan, Annie Kenney, Mabel Capper, Annot Robinson, Hannah Mitchell and the Pankhurst family. Cost: £6/£5.

Sunday 14 July, 11.30am

“Up Then Brave Women”: Manchester’s radical women

Meeting point: Co-operative Bank, Corporation Street, Manchester

This walk will look at the role of women in Manchester’s radical movements include Co-operative Women’s Guild, Socialist women, Mary and Lizzy Burns, women writers on the Manchester Guardian, Mrs Gaskell, the Manchester Society of Women Artists and women at Peterloo. It is taking place in partnership with the equals project, organised by the Blankmedia Collective. equals will explore feminism through art and conversation. It will run from 11th to 28th July and include an art exhibition, a book and a number of other events. It is curated by Nathalie Boobis and Anne Marie Kershaw. For details of the full programme, please go to their website. Cost:£6/£5

For further information, please visit the Red Flag Walks website.

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