Radical History Network of North East London Meeting

Haringey_from_Alexandra_PalaceWednesday July 10th, 7.30pm

“Community Empowerment in Parks and Open Green Spaces (in Haringey, North East London and beyond…)”

Presentations and discussion…

Venue: Wood Green Social Club
3 Stuart Crescent,
Wood Green,
London N22 5NJ
[5 mins walk from Wood Green tube]

We will be looking at
– some of the history of the establishment and development of public parksand green spaces
– their potential as sites for empowering and creative community activities
– community involvement in management (especially with the rise of Friends Groups over the last 20 years)
– some of the new ideas on environmental sustainability and potential for food growing
– and how parks could be better run in the future by those who work in them and use them.

Radical History of North East London

‘Celebrate our history, avoid repeating our mistakes, and get inspiration to help create a better society for the future’


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