CfP: 1914-1919: Imperial War to Class War

381px-Russian_Troops_NGM-v31-p379Call for papers: 1914-1919: Imperial War to Class War

Institute of Historical Research, WC1, 25th January 2014
Organised by the London Socialist Historians Group

The labour movement internationally supported the First World War but a minority across a range of viewpoints from Keir Hardie to Lenin refused to go along with their Government’s warmongering.

The war was to lead to death on an industrial scale and eventually revolution in Russia and Germany.

The Coalition Government plans to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the war but not as a victory. Many on the right however are demanding that it should be commemorated as such.

This conference will seek to take an alternative look at a range of aspects of WW1 from those who opposed it, to the workers movements which developed during it and after it and the harsh and deathly realities of the ‘war to end all wars’.

Papers presenting new research in these areas and perhaps particularly the impact of women and ethnic minorities in the war, which have been and are likely to remain under represented in historical studies, are particularly welcome.

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Proposals for papers are invited- 500 words maximum- by the end of September 2013
Please email submissions to Keith Flett

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