An Empire of Readers

How was the eighteenth-century pursuit of knowledge intertwined with enslavement and empire? Lucy Moynihan on the history of literary institutions in the British colonial world.

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Intimacy and Economic Life

What does it mean to write "intimate histories" of economic life? How might a focus on "the intimate" transform the way historians perceive and describe the economic past?

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Involuntary Sterilization

Can medical institutions participate in colonial violence? Allison McKibban argues the involuntary sterilization of tens of thousands of Native American women in the 1970s must be rehistoricised as part of the U.S. government’s broader…

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Pedestrian Streets

How did 1970s New York become a laboratory for a grand experiment in 'returning streets to the people'? Mariana Mogilevich argues that street life and politics in Midtown Manhattan became central to the inception of a new form pedestrian…

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