Bad Gays

What can the stories of complicated, even evil, gay lives tell us about queer history? Ben Miller and Huw Lemmey discuss.

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An Empire of Readers

How was the eighteenth-century pursuit of knowledge intertwined with enslavement and empire? Lucy Moynihan on the history of literary institutions in the British colonial world.

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Intimacy and Economic Life

What does it mean to write "intimate histories" of economic life? How might a focus on "the intimate" transform the way historians perceive and describe the economic past?

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Ghetto Streets

What was it like to live in the Roman Ghetto under the shadow of papal authority? Using historical maps and personal testimony, Ariana Ellis recounts the story of Anna del Monte, a young Jewish woman who was subject to forcible removal and…

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Everyday Streets

Who owns the street? Bob Pierik and Gamze Saygi investigate spatial segregation by mapping everyday mobility in eighteenth-century Amsterdam.

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