Ridley Road

In this episode of the History Workshop Podcast, we hear an oral history of Ridley Road Market, in east London.

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The Political Environment

As the global ecological crisis deepens and spreads through virus, fire and flood, Elly Robson introduces a new HWO series on The Political Environment. How have politics shaped the way we identify ecological problems and solutions, and how…

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Activist Streets

How did Black activist organisations fight racism in the London suburbs? Daniel Frost finds that they did so – in districts like Croydon and Thornton Heath – through association and alliance with the struggles of inner-city locales.

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Pedestrian Streets

How did 1970s New York become a laboratory for a grand experiment in 'returning streets to the people'? Mariana Mogilevich argues that street life and politics in Midtown Manhattan became central to the inception of a new form pedestrian…

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Everyday Streets

Who owns the street? Bob Pierik and Gamze Saygi investigate spatial segregation by mapping everyday mobility in eighteenth-century Amsterdam.

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Women’s Streets

How do we see walking women? Using archival photography from 1950s and 1960s Turku (Finland), Tiina Männistö-Funk argues that women's care and bodily presence shapes cities as much as concrete and asphalt do.

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Whose Streets?

This opening article in the 'Whose Streets?' feature considers what it means to live through the jarring collapse of public life in the midst of a pandemic and how this moment might stimulate new radical histories of the urban commons.

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