Sharpening Skills

What can tools - for cutting, sharpening or carrying - tell us about the nature of work in the past? Paul Warde on how the skills that tools embodied can nuance narratives of modernity and productivity.

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A Small Place

Joe Moran reflects on his trip to scatter his father's ashes on Scattery, a tiny island off west Clare, Ireland, and in the process explores its resonances for histories of family, migration, and the power of small places.

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The Political Environment

As the global ecological crisis deepens and spreads through virus, fire and flood, Elly Robson introduces a new HWO series on The Political Environment. How have politics shaped the way we identify ecological problems and solutions, and how…

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Vagrancy Acts

How can the lives of those historically labelled as vagrants be humanised? Nick Crowson explores creative and archival methods for moving past a fixed point of prosecution, and towards visibility across time and place.

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