Meat and Museums

As London’s historic Smithfield meat market edges towards permanent closure, Jack Hanlon reflects on its global histories and its future as a museum.

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This Virtual Special Issue curates History Workshop’s contribution to refugee studies - with a new introduction and 20 articles, free access for six months.

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The Colonial Money Trail

To what extent has colonial money helped build Britain's heritage sector? Isabel Gilbert on the importance of publicly and transparently acknowledging the problematic roots of British country houses and their collections.

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Shared Heritage

In our series on 'Radical History after Brexit', Matt Stallard of the Legacies of British Slavery project reflects on the ongoing politicisation of heritage.

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Not Walking

"You don’t know what you had until you lost it": at a time when few of us can travel far, Catherine Fletcher asks what role travel plays in the historical process.

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Colston Revisited

Madge Dresser argues that statues of slave traders, such as Edward Colston, often served complex local and civic objectives, which were inextricable from historical processes which silenced the voices of enslaved Africans.

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Archiving Insurgency

What can official sources tell us about mass movements for liberation in colonial India? Pragya Dhital introduces a special feature on "Insurgency in the Archives", in issue 89 of History Workshop Journal.

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