Sharpening Skills

What can tools - for cutting, sharpening or carrying - tell us about the nature of work in the past? Paul Warde on how the skills that tools embodied can nuance narratives of modernity and productivity.

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Nipping Back

What can the famous 'Nippy' waitress, a fixture at Lyon's Tea Shops across Britain, teach us about emotions at work?

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Awaiting Apocalypse

In our "Apocalypse Then and Now" feature, Kat Hill explores the sixteenth century world of German Anabaptism and asks what it means to believe that you are living through the End of the World.

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Solitude and Covid-19

These are exceptional times. But the dangers of solitude are a very old theme. Barbara Taylor and David Vincent reflect on the fine historical line between loneliness and solitude in light of Covid-19.

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