Meat and Museums

As London’s historic Smithfield meat market edges towards permanent closure, Jack Hanlon reflects on its global histories and its future as a museum.

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Sharpening Skills

What can tools - for cutting, sharpening or carrying - tell us about the nature of work in the past? Paul Warde on how the skills that tools embodied can nuance narratives of modernity and productivity.

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A nation of dog lovers?

The British pride themselves on being a nation of dog lovers. However, Chris Pearson reveals that colonial Britain’s canine savoir-faire was conditional and only certain types of dogs were acceptable in 'civilised' countries.

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Wood Scarcity and Empire

How far did wood scarcity in England trigger deforestation in its colonies at the dawn of empire? Keith Pluymers traces a complex story of conservation, commerce, and colonisation in the early modern Atlantic

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The Political Environment

As the global ecological crisis deepens and spreads through virus, fire and flood, Elly Robson introduces a new HWO series on The Political Environment. How have politics shaped the way we identify ecological problems and solutions, and how…

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