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Podcast: Ridley Road

In this episode of the History Workshop Podcast, we hear an oral history of Ridley Road Market, in east London. Listen to local residents’ memories of Ridley Road’s anti-fascist history and about the struggles that market traders face today – from gentrification to lockdown.

The Memory Map of the Jewish East End

A new digital resource allowing users to explore former sites of Jewish memory in East London went online this week. On it you will find audio interviews, photographs, and essays about more than 70 sites (we hope to include more in future) that consistently appear in people’s recollections of Jewish East London. The memory map aims to create a lasting document of both the history and memory traces of the Jewish East End and attempts to bring the stories and memories of this rapidly vanishing landscape to new audiences.

Little Germany, Stratford 1914

As the centenary approaches of the outbreak of the First World War, Simon Buck of Eastside Community Heritage invites support for a local initiative in London’s East End to remember the treatment meted out to the tens of thousands of German nationals living in Britain at that time