Shared Heritage

In our series on 'Radical History after Brexit', Matt Stallard of the Legacies of British Slavery project reflects on the ongoing politicisation of heritage.

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Referendums Yet to Come

In the latest from our 'Radical History after Brexit' series, Aoife O'Donoghue & Colin Murray explore Northern Ireland's Brexit dilemma, and consider referendums yet to come.

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Borders and Beyond

In the latest from our series on "Radical History after Brexit", Peter Leary asks how we can think beyond borders in an age of both globalisation and national retrenchment.

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Four Years On

Four years on from the Brexit Referendum, Christopher Kissane reflects on the Brexiteers' abuses of history, and the challenges facing radical historians.

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Taking Exception

In the second of a series on 'Radical History after Brexit', Charlotte Lydia Riley reflects on British exceptionalism, and asks how historians can work with it.

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Against Monolingualism

In the first of a series on 'Radical History after Brexit', John Gallagher highlights how monolingualism is historically strange, and calls for a greater focus on multilingualism and language learning.

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