Since September 2015, the UK Labour Party has charted a new direction under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, supported by the grassroots organisation Momentum. Listen to activists and historians come together to discuss the past and future of the Left in government, in the latest episode of the History Workshop Podcast.

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This conversation took place in January 2018 as part of History Acts, a forum encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences between radical historians and contemporary activists. For more information about History Acts, please visit History Acts is supported by the Raphael Samuel History Centre.

In this podcast, you will hear from:

Beth Foster-Ogg is a Labour activist and Momentum Training Organiser. She has had articles published by Labour List and the Independent, and in 2016 she ran for the position of Chair of London Young Labour.

Michael Walker is a contributor to Novara Media and a Labour activist. In 2016, he worked on the Jeremy for Labour leadership campaign in the volunteer mobilisation team.

John Callaghan is Professor of Politics & Contemporary History at the University of Salford. His research interests include: the politics and history of socialism, international history since 1789 and political ideologies. Amongst other works he is the author of The Far Left in British Politics (1987); Socialism in Britain Since 1884 (1990), and The Labour Party and Foreign Policy: A History (2007).

Charlotte Riley is Lecturer in Twentieth-Century British History at the University of Southampton. She specialises in the history of twentieth-century Britain, especially the Labour Party, aid and development, and decolonization. She is currently working on a monograph exploring the Labour Party’s aid and development policies from the 1920s to the 1970s.

This podcast is introduced by HWO Managing Editor, Elly Robson and was edited by Imogen Greenberg.

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