“If you deny people a populism of the left, and they’re offered a populism of the right, then they may take it”.

What is the role of populism in shaping resistance to Trump and Trumpism? Who are the new progressive leaders emerging from the American grassroots, and what are their historical antecedents? D D Guttenplan, who covered the 2016 USA presidential election for The Nation, explores these questions in the latest episode of the History Workshop Podcast.

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Protest, Marjorie Hawke (1894–1979)

D D Guttenplan is a journalist and historian who has recently been appointed as editor of The Nation. His books include The Holocaust on Trial, an account of David Irving’s libel case against historian Deborah Lipstadt, and American Radical, a prize-winning biography of the leftwing journalist IF Stone. In 2016, writing for The Nation, he covered the US presidential election, and that experience generated his most recent book, The Next Republic: the Rise of a New Radical Majority.


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