What is the aim of the HWO website?
History Workshop Online is a forum, laboratory, and virtual coffeehouse devoted to the practice of radical history.  Find out more details on the About page here.

How do I submit material to be considered for inclusion?
Please email your submissions to the web administrator lorna@historyworkshop.org.uk, who will forward submissions to the web committee

Who decides what is/isn’t published on HWO?
All articles must be approved by two members of the web committee.
Notices and events are at the discretion of the web administrator.

Who runs the website?
The website is run by a part-time web administrator and members of the HWO web committee. Members of the web committee are all History Workshop Journal editors (the journal is run by an editorial collective).

How is it funded?
The website is funded by the editors of History Workshop Journal out of revenues received from the Journal’s publisher.

I’ve found something on the site that isn’t right – what can I do about it?
If it is a matter for debate, you can post a comment by clicking on the link at the end of every article. Your comment will be included on the page.
Otherwise, please contact the web administrator lorna@historyworkshop.org.uk and we’ll look into it.

Are comments screened?
Yes, but with a very light touch. We want free debate but must reserve the right to remove things like spam, abusive or illegal comments.

Can I advertise an event – or anything else – on your site?
It is free advertise events or post notices, as long as it is relevant to history and the aims of the site. Please send details in to the web administrator. Currently we do not take paid advertising, but adverts can be taken out in History Workshop Journal. Contact the History Workshop Journal administrator via historyworkshopjournal@gmail.com for details.

I’d like to write something for History Workshop – should I put it forward for the Journal, the website, or both?
HWJ and HWO are closely related, but different beasts. At the moment we generally do not carry journal material on the website and vice-versa, but we hope they will complement each other. HWJ is a leading academic journal that carries peer-reviewed papers and articles. HWO allows us to publish material far faster than the peer-review process allows. The site can therefore react to current news and events in a way that the journal cannot. HWO can also publish video, large, colour images and sound recordings. It also means you can reach a large, general audience. Please submit your work to either the journal OR the website – if we think it is more suitable for the other medium, we’ll let you know.