History Workshop Podcast

Podcast: Ridley Road

In this episode of the History Workshop Podcast, we hear an oral history of Ridley Road Market, in east London. Listen to local residents’ memories of Ridley Road’s anti-fascist history and about the struggles that market traders face today – from gentrification to lockdown.

Daring to Hope: Sheila Rowbotham and 1970s women’s liberation

Sheila Rowbotham’s new memoir Daring to Hope chronicles her life in the Seventies, as a pioneering socialist feminist writer, historian, and activist. In conversation with Marybeth Hamilton, she discusses the political challenges of feminist activism and the intimate challenges of navigating a life devoted to transformation, in which the personal was understood to be political.

Black British Histories

How has the writing of Black British histories functioned as both a form of historical analysis and a voice of radical oppositional politics? Caroline Bressey, Meleisa Ono-George, and Sadiah Qureshi discuss with Marybeth Hamilton in this episode of the History Workshop podcast.