Histories of the Present

Uganda Asians in the Netherlands.

On Neoliberalism and Citizenship

Exploring the historical antecedents to present day nationality and immigration restrictions in the UK, Sara Cosemans brings together burgeoning neoliberal ideology and nostalgia for empire in the 1960s and 1970s to explain how race and citizenship interacted. The politics of Enoch Powell, and his impact on policy, offer the ideal case study.

Engaging with the ‘Un-Commemorated’ Past

What does it mean to engage students with difficult, traumatic, messy and complex histories of the British empire and the two world wars? How can we engage with the ‘un-commemorated’, whose names have not appeared on the memorial landscape? Anna Maguire and Diya Gupta reflect on their experiences teaching histories of the ‘un-commemorated’ in empire and war.