Risk and Uncertainty

Conceptions of risk and uncertainty are traditionally applied to moments of environmental and economic crisis, both real and imagined. This new HWO series seeks to understand how ordinary people calculated perceived and real risks and uncertainties in daily life. How have differences of race, class, gender and sexuality shaped experiences of risk and uncertainty throughout history? And what can a historical understanding of risk and uncertainty in the past offer us in the present?

‘Speaking Out’ against Colonialism and Sexual Violence

When does the call for ‘speaking out’ against sexual violence begin to silence victim-survivors? Through reflecting on the #MeToo moment, Allison McKibban argues mainstream Western movements against sexual violence are often insidiously laced with colonial violence. She calls on activists and researchers to embrace a self-reflective and decolonial listening to create a truly transformative movement against sexual violence.

(Un)Silenced: Institutional Sexual Violence

This is the introduction for the (Un)Silenced: Institutional Sexual Violence feature, which explores how sexual violence relates to various societal institutions. The series provides a historical understanding of the ways in which sexual violence is produced through different institutional cultures of harm. This series is a collaboration with The SHaME Project—a Wellcome Trust-funded interdisciplinary research group based at Birkbeck, University of London.