January 21, 2017 witnessed the largest one-day protest led by women that the world has ever seen. We want to help preserve the spirit, energy, hope and optimism of that day by asking those who attended the march to submit their thoughts, impressions and memories of the day. Please tell us about what you saw, felt and experienced in the women’s march you attended in your city. Send a photo of you taking part, a picture of your favourite signs, or even some of the tweets and social media posts that caught your attention.

We’ll share the responses here on History Workshop Online. We want the spirit of this historic day to be acknowledged and preserved, so we can continue to be inspired by this beautiful expression of grassroots democracy, peaceful protest, and collaboration between all ages, faiths, sexualities and races.

To submit your reflections, email us at hwoeditors@historyworkshop.org.uk. You can keep your reflection short (a few sentences) or send us a few paragraphs. Tell us where you are from and where you marched. We are pleased to be able to help share and preserve this important day in women’s history and the global history of protest.

Women's March


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