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Among the Hate Poets: The (Surprisingly Recent) Historical Roots of Germany’s Pegida Movement

On the 70th anniversary of one of the last major World War II bombing raids on Dresden, Alex Clarkson argues that the origins of the recent upswing in racist social movements can be found not in simplistic explanations of the return of wartime Nazism, but instead by tracking the particular social and economic climate of post-reunification Germany, and poor Saxony in particular.

What Happened to the History of HIV/AIDS?

This month’s HWO feature reminds us that the history of HIV and AIDS is contentious, and to understand what is happening to the history of HIV now, we need to continue to think about the politics of our contemporary world, who gets to produce representations of the past and whose stories enter our public consciousness.

Little Germany, Stratford 1914

As the centenary approaches of the outbreak of the First World War, Simon Buck of Eastside Community Heritage invites support for a local initiative in London’s East End to remember the treatment meted out to the tens of thousands of German nationals living in Britain at that time