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  1. An interesting article.

    I served a five-year apprenticeship in the composing room of a newspaper and periodical printer in Richmond, Surrey (1965-1971). At the end of my time I was “banged out” as was the custom at that firm. Shortly after becoming a journeyman and after taking an evening proof correction course at the LSP at Elephant & Castle, I was transferred to the ‘reading room’. I subsequently moved to Guildford and worked as a proofreader on the Surrey Advertiser & County Times for 5 years. After that I was granted NGA approval to start my own proofreading and copy editing business under the name Readout – an overflow service serving printers and publishers in Surrey. In 1981 I married a Swedish lady and we moved to Stockholm. There I learnt the language and joined a Swedish advertising group as an English copywriter. In 1994 I started an English advertising agency in Stockholm City. This was active for 20 years serving Swedish multinationals in the heavy industrial sector. I am now 71, still in Sweden, and still working as a freelance English copywriter and industrial journalist.

    It’s incredible and sad that my entire occupation, along with its jargon and very special culture disappeared almost overnight. When I was an apprentice in the 60’s, the typical dream was to become a ship’s printer on a P&O cruise liner and see the world!

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