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  1. Really informative read about compositors. My father was a compositor in the thirties up to the sixties. And father of the Chapel. A Yorkshireman apprenticed to the Yorkshire Post and then on the Manchester Guardian and then for the Daily Mail in London. Though he freelanced for most of the other papers. A worker who preferred the nightshifts. At heart he was an engineer and extremely good at breaking down and rebuilding engines. He also imparted a love of reading to me. He was always a labour supporter yet he gave me all the middle class advantages. He died in 1967 but I remember him telling me a year before his death that within ten years the old trade of compositor and old methods of printing would be a thing of the past. He was right and predicted the onslaught of the computer age. Thank you so much for your informative and beautifully researched (practical and theoretical) page.

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