Author: Marybeth Hamilton

Useful knowledge

How has the concept of “useful knowledge” shaped the 200-year history of Birkbeck College London – and of adult education more generally? Joanna Bourke, Jonny Matfin, and Ciarán O’Donohue discuss in this episode of the History Workshop podcast.

Daring to Hope: Sheila Rowbotham and 1970s women’s liberation

Sheila Rowbotham’s new memoir Daring to Hope chronicles her life in the Seventies, as a pioneering socialist feminist writer, historian, and activist. In conversation with Marybeth Hamilton, she discusses the political challenges of feminist activism and the intimate challenges of navigating a life devoted to transformation, in which the personal was understood to be political.

Black British Histories

How has the writing of Black British histories functioned as both a form of historical analysis and a voice of radical oppositional politics? Caroline Bressey, Meleisa Ono-George, and Sadiah Qureshi discuss with Marybeth Hamilton in this episode of the History Workshop podcast.