We want you to get involved in this website – to read, comment and provide content.

From its inception, History Workshop has been a place where those engaged with the past – historians, enthusiasts, activists – can share, inform and argue.

The internet is ideally suited to this purpose. And History Workshop Online encourages submissions for posting on this website – whether notices, brief articles or substantial multi-media essays which draw on the web’s ability to include images, audio and video to accompany text.

You can ‘Contact Us’ via the contact box on the site – or you can email us via

We are always happy to discuss proposed articles or postings before they are submitted to ensure that they are suitable for History Workshop Online.

We won’t be able to take all the items we are offered – we will always endeavour to respond promptly when content is submitted and if necessary explain why a piece is not regarded as suitable.

History Workshop Journal – a twice-yearly peer reviewed journal published by Oxford University Press – has its own separate procedure for responding to submissions, which is explained here.

You can also email History Workshop Journal directly at